School Improvement Services

Learn Sheffield provides a wide range of school improvement services. Publicly-funded Sheffield schools can become a member of Learn Sheffield to receive discounted services and subscribe to receive a broad package of support, but Learn Sheffield also provides services to a wide range of other organisations within and beyond the city.

Learn Sheffield supports schools with a coherent and comprehensive range of review and evaluation activities. This supports schools in obtaining a quality assured and objective ‘external view’ to feed into their self-evaluation and development planning process. All delivery of these activities is quality assured and, where the school opts to have a written report, will provide independent evidence for the school to share internally and externally. We encourage schools to approach us to discuss the package that they need and often work with MATs or groups of schools.

Whenever possible it is helpful to contact us well in advance, as this makes it easier for us to plan for the deployment of our team or identify the right person to provide the service. It may well be that, when a school or group of schools is booking multiple activities, we can seek to provide continuity of judgement so that wider conclusions and patterns can be identified.

Examples of school improvement services provided recently include:

  • Leader performance management.
  • School reviews.
  • Curriculum & subject development.
  • Governance review.
  • School development planning.
  • School leader coaching, lesson & learning scrutiny.
  • Enhanced data analysis.
  • Attendance analysis & Ofsted preparation.
  • SEND reviews.
  • Pupil Premium review.
  • Learning walks.
  • Middle and subject leader training.
  • Documentation review.

Cost/How to Book

If you would like to organise one or more of the review and evaluation activities above the first step is to contact Learn Sheffield. The team will then be in touch to discuss your exact requirements and the different ways it could be approached, to ensure that the activity meets your needs. We welcome enquiries from any school or group of schools about any activity or group of activities. The cost of any options offered to the school(s) will be agreed prior to booking.

Email: School Improvement Services
Phone: 0114 250 7417

The cost of the booking will be determined by the final scope of the activity (including preparation and report writing time if applicable).