Educating for the Future Pilot

Learn Sheffield is taking part in the ‘Educating for the Future: Developing New Locality Models for English Schools’ pilot, which is being sponsored by AEC and BELMAS. You can find out more about the pilot in this article (Learn Sheffield Joins Educating for the Future Pilot) on our website or from visiting the project website.

Pilot Information Sheffield Pilot Update: Autumn 2023

Update: Autumn 2023

Learn Sheffield took part in the LocalEd 2025 conference on 14 September 2023 which was designed to celebrate the progress that has been made across the three pilots in year one and look ahead to year two. This event provided an opportunity for sharing of the learning and reflections to date from across the nine areas, and hear more about each pilot. The documents that we shared at this event, a short update presentation and an updated project action plan, are below.

Strand A (report cards) of the Sheffield pilot will move into a test and learn phase in Autumn 2 and Spring 1. This will involve testing the report card with parents, carers and stakeholders across two testing phases. The Report Card working group will finalise this plan in October, review the first phase of test and learn in December and then complete a final evaluation in February 2024.

Strand B (MAT peer review) of the Sheffield pilot has been on hold to enable the volume of work involved in strand A to take place. It will restart later this term and continue into 2024.

Please return to this page for further updates on the Sheffield pilot throughout 2023/24 and for information about the overall project evaluation when this becomes available.

Sheffield Pilot Update (Autumn 2023)
Sheffield Action Plan (September 2023)

Educating for the Future Video