Racial Equity Programme

The training and resources listed below are available to Sheffield settings as part of this programme, which was funded in part by Sheffield City Council as part of the Education Strategy between 2021 and 2023.

More information about the programme can be found below, including training and resources, options for whole-school climate programmes and links to key partners. The programme for 2023/24 will be available shortly.

For any queries, please contact us at enquiries@learnsheffield.co.uk.

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Windrush 2024

Windrush 2024 Learning Resources Pack

Windrush Education Pack

Windrush Pioneers and Champions


Black History Month

The Sheffield African Heritage Culture Forum have curated learning resources to support Black History Month in 2022 and 2023.

Black History Learning Resources Pack (2023 edition)

Black History Learning Resources Pack (2022 edition)


GRT Resources

GTRSB School Pledge - Roma and QKA school Film

GTRSB Overview Pledge Film

GTRSB Pldege Info Sheet

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month Resource Pack


‘Black History Month and Beyond’ Secondary/FE Resources

Learn Sheffield have been working with our colleagues at Opus to make some of the content that they have developed during Black History Month available to Sheffield schools and academies. The content below is available across the Opus platforms (online and via Now Then magazine) but also here to make it easily available to schools and colleges.

Now Then Video Content

Black History Month for White Teachers and Dummies Trailer:
Melissa Simmonds is the founder of MisTÂûght and a parent who believes that Black (British) History benefits all children and should be woven through the curriculum from Key Stages 1-4.

Black History Month for White Teachers and Dummies Full Workshop
Melissa Simmonds is the founder of MisTÂûght and a parent who believes that Black (British) History benefits all children and should be woven through the curriculum from Key Stages 1-4.

Black History Month and Hip Hop Culture with Otis Mensah
As we celebrate Black History Month, Otis Mensah reads Ode to Black Thought from his debut poetry collection Safe Metamorphosis & reflects on what hip hop culture means to him.

Black History Month: Sabrina Richmond on Steve Bilko
Storyteller Sabrina Richmond talks about the erasure of the presence of Black people throughout history & what Black history means to her.

Now Then Article Content

Contributing to Black History Month as a White Man
White people engaging with Black History Month is always going to be uncomfortable. But sitting with this discomfort, and using our privilege for good, is how we start to dismantle racism at a systemic level, all year round.

On structural racism, the TV industry and White Allyship
In a year that has highlighted vast structural inequalities, Annalisa Toccara speaks to David Olusoga about his MacTaggart Lecture, what white allyship means, and how society can address racial disparities, ahead of David’s appearance at Off The Shelf Festival of Words.

On Black
Local artist speaks about creativity, mental health, the Black Lives Matter movement, and her upcoming exhibition at Abbeydale Picture House.

I Am Not Your Baby Mother
This must-read unpacks life as a black mother in modern-day Britain.

Writing From The Richest Of Places
Desiree Reynolds has curated the Black Women Write Now strand of this year’s Off The Shelf Festival of Words, which captures the essence of Toni Morrison’s proclamation that being a black woman writer is not a shallow place, but a rich place to write from.

"Never let anyone tell you to stay in your lane"
The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have significantly impacted the Northern arts and cultural industry, with some organisations closing their doors. Annalisa Toccara spoke to Lauren Yvonne about the challenges of being a theatre producer during this time and the advice she would give to emerging black theatre practitioners.

Coloniality in the NHS – A Call for Change
This year has highlighted both the importance of the NHS and our society’s deep structural racism. The NHS is itself not immune to racism, which stems from Britain’s colonial past.

R.I.P. ‘Tradition’
Looking back over Magid Magid’s time as Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Isabelle France asks: What happens when an entire city steps outside of its comfort zone? Pretty much what you would expect: conflict, outrage - and a little bit of hope.

Tackling Racism Across the Leadership Pipeline
Online event brings people together to discuss the impacts of systemic racism in Sheffield and find solutions for collectively disrupting the system.

The Library of Life
Sheffield-based online library lending service celebrates the rich and diverse cultures of Africa and the Caribbean.