Core Catch-Up for History Subject LeaderTraining

Date: 16 April 2024  Time: 16:00 - 17:30

‘Teaching local history in the primary classroom’

This session will focus on practical approaches to the teaching of local history in the primary classroom.  Local history is a key component of the National Curriculum, but also a way of making history more relevant, meaningful and engaging for pupils.  Links will be made to current research and to frameworks including the National Curriculum and Ofsted.  As outcomes of the session, subject leaders will know and understand:


  • Where local history can be located in curriculum and lesson design – thematically or in units
  • How to locate key resources for local history topics and how to use them to design meaningful and engaging lessons
  • What progress in pupils’ skills and understanding looks like and how to measure this


The session will include practical ideas and resources for teaching to take away and adapt and bookings can be made via Core Catch-Up: History | Forge CPD. This training is free if you have subscribed to the Learn Sheffield or RoSIS subscription offers. For non-subscribing schools/academies the cost will be £95 per person.

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