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Free RE Resources for Assemblies and Lessons!

Understanding Christianity
This website is a resource whose key purpose is "to support pupils in developing their understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it."

Request - Asking the Big Questions
This website describes itself as a "toolkit for teaching about Christianity in RE". The RE:QUEST section contains secondary resources and the RE:START section contains resources for primary and SEN pupils. There is also a section for teachers.



Understanding Humanism
This website aims to "provide teachers with the resources necessary to teach accurate, high-quality lessons about Humanism and to assist them with the development of their own subject knowledge, in order that every young person has the opportunity to learn about Humanism". It contains a wealth of high quality resources for pupils at all key stages.


Philosophy and Ethics

Ethos Education publishes free resources for teachers to help students explore spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues through contemporary media. This includes a lot of free lesson plans for secondary pupils (see


All Religions

Videos, lesson plans and assemblies for RE, PSHE and Citizenship (aimed at key stages 3 and 4). Schools can upload films and post comments, but everything is moderated before it appears on the site to ensure the content is appropriate.

The website of an organisation that seeks to support the development of teaching about world religions. Of interest to teachers may be the annual calendar detailing religious festivals that they produce and also the advisory service and audio glossary available on their website.


Local Support

Sheffield Buddhist Centre
Sheffield Jewish Congregation and Centre
Sheffield Cathedral - School Visits


NATRE Resources

Bullying and Belief toolkit
Resources on Anti-Racist RE


Other Resources

KS3 Lesson Plans
You can find complete topic packages on:

  • Safe Space
  • Identity
  • Controversial issues

Each package contains a film and 6 lesson plans with accompanying presentation for class and activity sheets.

This free handbook is designed as a resource for teachers wishing to develop their subject and professional knowledge.

Two Cathedrals Tour Summary

Education Visits at Sheffield Cathedral

Westminster Hall Debate: Religious Education in Modern Britain

RExChange 2022 Resources

Faith in the Town – History and RE Resources for Primary Teachers
The themes covered in the resources are broad and flexible, and work with subject areas in RE, History (including local study) and Geography.