Spring 2 Leader Briefing Available Now

Published: 20 February 2024
The fourth leader briefing of the year is now available online. It includes the final version of the City Goals, an update of Create Sheffield, an input on the evidence around feedback from Huntington Research School, a summary of the Learn Sheffield Evaluation, some information on external writing moderation and an update on the SAFE Taskforce.

 The spring 2 Leader Briefing is available here:  https://sway.cloud.microsoft/hdqDobdPV87bYDvh?ref=Link


In this briefing, we have six inputs to share. This includes:


· the final version of the City Goals, which were discussed at the Spring Leadership Breakfast.


· an update from Create Sheffield on their recent work around youth voice.


· An input from Huntington Research School on the evidence around feedback.


· A summary of the Learn Sheffield Independent Evaluation.


· An LSIP input on External Writing Moderation at Key Stage 2.


· A SAFE Taskforce update.