Our Members

Any publically funded Sheffield school, academy or college can join Learn Sheffield. We currently have the 176 members that are listed below.

Specialist Sector Members

  • Becton School
  • Bents Green School
  • Heritage Park School
  • Holgate Meadows School
  • Mossbrook School
  • Norfolk Park School
  • PACES School
  • The Rowan School
  • Seven Hills School
  • Sheffield Inclusion Centre
  • Talbot Specialist School
  • Woolley Wood School

Further Education Sector Members

  • Chapeltown Academy
  • Longley Park Sixth Form College
  • The Sheffield College

Secondary Sector Members

  • All Saints RC High
  • Astrea Academy Sheffield
  • Birley Academy
  • Bradfield School
  • Chaucer School
  • Ecclesfield School
  • Fir Vale School
  • Firth Park Academy
  • Forge Valley School
  • Handsworth Grange School

  • High Storrs School
  • Hinde House 3-16 School
  • King Ecgbert School
  • King Edward VII School
  • Meadowhead School
  • Mercia School
  • Newfield School
  • Notre Dame RC High
  • Oasis Academy Don Valley
  • Outwood Academy City

  • Parkwood E-ACT Academy
  • Sheffield Park Academy
  • Sheffield Springs Academy
  • Silverdale School
  • Stocksbridge High School
  • Tapton School
  • UTC – City Centre
  • UTC – Olympic Legacy Park
  • Westfield School
  • Yewlands Academy

Primary Sector Members

  • Abbey Lane Primary
  • Abbeyfield Primary
  • Acres Hill Primary
  • Angram Bank Primary
  • Anns Grove Primary
  • Arbourthorne Primary
  • Astrea Academy Sheffield
  • Athelstan Primary
  • Ballifield Primary
  • Bankwood Primary

  • Beck Primary
  • Beighton Nursery Infant
  • Birley Primary
  • Birley Spa Primary
  • Bradfield Dungworth Primary
  • Bradway Primary
  • Brightside Nursery Infant
  • Brook House Junior
  • Broomhall Nursery
  • Broomhill Infant

  • Brunswick Primary
  • Byron Wood Primary
  • Carfield Primary
  • Carterknowle Junior
  • Charnock Hall Primary
  • Clifford All Saints CE Primary
  • Coit Primary
  • Concord Junior
  • Deepcar St John’s CE Primary
  • Dobcroft Infant

  • Dobcroft Junior
  • Dore Primary
  • E-Act Pathways Academy
  • Ecclesall Primary
  • Ecclesfield Primary
  • Emmanuel Junior
  • Emmaus RC CE Primary
  • Fox Hill Primary
  • Gleadless Primary
  • Grace Owen Nursery

  • Greengate Lane Primary
  • Greenhill Primary
  • Grenoside Primary
  • Greystones Primary
  • Halfway Junior
  • Halfway Nursery Infant
  • Hallam Primary
  • Hartley Brook Primary
  • Hatfield Primary
  • High Green Primary

  • High Hazels Academy
  • Hillsborough Primary
  • Hinde House 3-16 School
  • Holt House Infant
  • Hucklow Primary
  • Hunters Bar Infant
  • Hunters Bar Junior
  • Intake Primary
  • Limpsfield Junior
  • Lound Infant

  • Lound Junior
  • Lowedges Junior Academy
  • Lower Meadow Primary
  • Lowfield Primary
  • Loxley Primary
  • Lydgate Infant
  • Lydgate Junior
  • Malin Bridge Primary
  • Manor Lodge Primary
  • Mansel Primary
  • Marlcliffe Primary
  • Meersbrook Bank Primary
  • Meynell Primary
  • Monteney Primary
  • Mosborough Primary
  • Mundella Primary
  • Nether Edge Primary
  • Nether Green Infant
  • Nether Green Junior
  • Netherthorpe Primary

  • Nook Lane Junior
  • Norfolk Primary
  • Norton Free Primary
  • Oasis Academy Don Valley
  • Oasis Academy Fir Vale
  • Oasis Academy Watermead
  • Oughtibridge Primary
  • Owler Brook Primary
  • Parson Cross CE Primary
  • Phillimore Primary

  • Pipworth Primary
  • Porter Croft Primary
  • Prince Edward Primary
  • Pye Bank CE Primary
  • Rainbow Forge Primary
  • Reignhead Primary
  • Rivelin Primary
  • Royd NI
  • Sacred Heart RC Primary
  • Sharrow Primary

  • Shooters Grove Primary
  • Shortbrook Primary
  • Southey Green Primary
  • Springfield Primary
  • St Ann’s RC Primary
  • St Catherine’s RC Primary
  • St John Fisher RC Primary
  • St Joseph’s RC Primary
  • St Marie’s RC Primary
  • St Mary’s CE Primary

  • St Mary’s RC Primary
  • St Patrick’s RC Primary
  • St Theresa’s RC Primary
  • St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary
  • St Thomas More RC Primary
  • St Wilfrid’s RC Primary
  • Stannington Infant
  • Stocksbridge Junior
  • Stocksbridge Nursery Infant
  • Stradbroke Primary

  • Tinsley Meadows Primary
  • Totley All Saints CE Primary
  • Totley Primary School
  • Valley Park Primary
  • Walkley Primary
  • Watercliffe Meadow Primary
  • Waterthorpe Nursery Infant
  • Westways Primary
  • Wharncliffe Side Primary
  • Whiteways Primary

  • Wincobank Nursery Infant
  • Windmill Hill Primary
  • Wisewood Primary
  • Woodhouse West Primary
  • Woodseats Primary
  • Woodthorpe Primary
  • Wybourn Community Primary

Becoming a Member

Any publically funded school or college can become a member of Learn Sheffield. The decision to become a member of Learn Sheffield must be taken by the Governing Body or Academy Trust. Becoming a member involves providing a guarantee up to the limit of £25.00 in the event that the company is wound up owing debts.

The Governing Body/Academy Trust must pass a resolution to join. The suggested wording of the resolution can be found in a briefing note for Governors, which is part of the Pack for Governors, along with a range of materials that Governors may want to use to support their decision making process. If you would like to discuss this further you can also contact our Chief Executive (Stephen.Betts@learnsheffield.co.uk)

Upon reaching a decision to join Learn Sheffield there is a Membership Application Form, which can also be found in the Pack for Governors, to complete and return to membership@learnsheffield.co.uk. We hope that every Sheffield school and college will support the work of Learn Sheffield and become a member.

In order to become a member the Governing Body needs to reach a decision about becoming a member of Learn Sheffield. Becoming a member involves providing a guarantee up to the limit of £25.00 in the event that the company is wound up owing debts. The Pack for Governors contains a range of materials that Governors may want to use to support their decision making process.

If the Governing Body/Academy Trust is so minded the following resolutions are recommended to be put to a vote (please note that for legal reasons the decision resolution must be noted in the minutes of the meeting using the form of words below):

  a. The Governors/directors resolve that the Governing Body/Academy Trust should become a member of Learn Sheffield and provide a guarantee up to the limit of £25.00 in the event that the company is wound up owing debts.

  b. That the Chair of Governors/Headteacher/other be given delegated authority to:

    i. Undertake the necessary administrative steps to give effect to this resolution within [a reasonable period of time] [specified period of time];

    ii. Attend general meetings of the company to represent the Governing Body as a member of the company;

    iii. To provide the Company Secretary with contact details for the Governing Body member representative;

    iv. To report back to the Governing Body/Academy Trust on the business conducted at members meetings;

    v. To vote on matters affecting the company having first consulted with the Governing Body/Academy Trust.

Under the Education Act 2002 and associated regulations before a maintained school can join a schools’ company as a member it must have the consent of the Local Authority. Jayne Ludlam has already provided general consent to all the governing bodies of Sheffield maintained schools that have a delegated budget to join the company if they believe that this is the right step for them. Schools who require similar consent from other bodies, for example a Diocese, should consult that body as required.

Dowwnload the Application for Membership.