The Board

This page contains information about the Learn Sheffield Board. This includes making the agenda and non-confidential versions of papers and minutes for meetings of Learn Sheffield’s Board of Directors available for inspection. Please note that non-confidential minutes will only be made available after they have been approved by the Board at its subsequent meeting. All correspondence regarding the board should be directed to the Clerk to the Board via

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Current Board Board Papers AGM/EGM 2018 AGM/EGM 2016 Interim Board

The Current Board

The first substantive Learn Sheffield Board was elected in December 2016 at the EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting). The Board has seven nominated members (one seat is currently vacant), listed below, and has the option to co-opt a further two members. Mike Allen is the Chair of the Learn Sheffield Board.

  • Stephen Betts (Executive Director)
  • Chris French (Secondary School sector)
  • Christopher Holder (Primary School sector)
  • Angela Lant (Primary School sector)
  • Judith Smith (Specialist School sector)
  • Mike Allen [Chair of the Board]
  • Antony Hughes [co-opted Director]
  • Cllr Andy Bainbridge (SCC nominated) [non Executive Director]

Board Meeting Papers

1st February 2018

Final agenda (01.02.18)
Notice of AGM EGM and Board resolutions

18th January 2018

Minutes 18 January 2018 - non confidential
Final Agenda
Update Report (17.01.18)

7th December 2017

Minutes 7 December 2017 - non confidential
Final Agenda
2017 Performance Article Telegraph (20.11.17)
Agenda item 4.3 Matters Arising - update on changes to Articles
Draft Agenda (combined) for AGM - EGM 1 February 2018
Learn Sheffield Outcomes Report Nov 2017

7th December 2017

Minutes 7 December 2017 - non confidential
Final Agenda
2017 Performance Article Telegraph (20.11.17)
Agenda item 4.3 Matters Arising - update on changes to Articles
Draft Agenda (combined) for AGM - EGM 1 February 2018
Learn Sheffield Outcomes Report Nov 2017

19th October 2017

Minutes 19 October - non confidential
Agenda item 6 Amendments to discuss with SCC Autumn 17 based on version approved @ AGM 2016
Agenda item 6 Proposed wording for changes Autumn 2017 for discussion with SCC
Final Agenda

18th September 2017

Minutes 18 September - NON CONFIDENTIAL
Agenda item 6 - Vision for Education in Shefffield (August 2017)
Final agenda
Item 6 - A Vision for Education in Sheffield.
Outcomes report (01.09.17)

6th July 2017

Minutes 6 July - non confidential

22nd June 2017

Final Agenda (22.6.17)
Updated Risk Register (agenda item 9)
For information – Sheffield Priorities, May 2017 (which is also available on the website under the ‘strategies’ section)
Approved minutes 22 June
Agenda item 3.7 - Finance and Audit Committee.docx

18th May 2017

Final agenda.
Sheffield City Partnership Board (12.05.17)
Meeting schedule 2017-18
Learn Sheffield Governance Development Offer 2017-18 Approved Non-Confidential Minutes (18 May 2017)

27th April 2017

Minutes 27 April
Final agenda
Agenda item 6.1 Budget Update (March 2017)
Agenda item 6.2 Management Accounts (31.03.17)
Agenda item 7 Performance Update_report (April 2017)
Agenda item 9 Remuneration Committee

16th February 2017

Final agenda
Minutes (16 February 2017)

1st February 2017

Minutes (1 February 2017)
Final agenda V2 - revised date
LS Board [12.1.17] Paper 1 Meeting Note
LS Risk Framework [Jan 2017]
LS Scheme of Delegation [Jan 17]
Minutes of 9 December 2016
Pupil Groups Analysis 2016
Risk Register [Ja n2017]
SCC Scrutiny Presentation Autumn 2016 revised [23.11.16]

Learn Sheffield AGM/EGM 2018

Postponement of the Learn Sheffield reconvened Annual General Meeting plus Extra ordinary General Meeting scheduled for 28 February 2018

Due to the inclement weather conditions, the reconvened AGM and the EGM scheduled for Wednesday 28 February 2018 were cancelled. These meetings have been rescheduled for Thursday 22 March 2018, 6.30 pm at Learn Sheffield Training and Development Hub, Lees Hall Road, Sheffield, S8 9JP. Please find attached a formal notice of the AGM/EGM together with a proxy form and guidance notes for completion. The AGM Resolutions relate to the Company’s Financial Statements for the period 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2017, the Directors’ report, the appointment of auditors for 2017/18 and the appointment of Directors. The EGM Resolution relates to changes to the Company’s Articles.

The attendance of one third of members (43) is required for the AGM / EGM to be quorate, consequently it would be appreciated if you could indicate whether or not your establishment will be represented at the meeting. Please reply to preferably no later than 4.00 pm Wednesday 21 March 2018.

Financial statements for filing 2017 24.01.18[3010]
Directors' Report for the AGM[3005]
Revised Guidance notes re proxy
Revised Notice of AGM EGM and Board resolutions
REVISED Proposed wording for changes to Articles Spring 2018[1971]
Revised Proxy form

Learn Sheffield AGM/EGM 2016

Learn Sheffield AGM/EGM Reconvened

The reconvened Learn Sheffield Annual General Meeting / Extra Ordinary General Meeting was held on Tuesday 6 December 2016, 5.30pm at the Learn Sheffield Training & Development Hub. The papers for the meeting are below.

Notice of AGM/EGM and Board resolutions
Amended Articles - Approved at AGM-EGM
The Financial Statements for the period 14 August 2015 to 31 August 2016 (ref. Resolution 2)
Directors’ Strategic Report 2015/16 (ref. Resolution 3)

Unfortunately the first Annual General Meeting / Extra Ordinary General Meeting, which was held on Thursday 24 November 2016 (6.30 pm at the Institute of Education, Sheffield Hallam University) was inquorate due to the insufficient number of member schools / colleges in attendance.

According to the articles, a third of member schools / colleges need to be present for the AGM/EGM to be quorate and consequently, in accordance with Article 40, the AGM/EGM was reconvened.

The Interim Board

The Learn Sheffield Interim Board guided the company through its first year, taking responsibility for the companies performance in its first full year and the recruitment of the substantive Chief Executive. The recruitment of the CEO took place in the spring of 2016. The Interim board presented the first company accounts and annual report at the first Learn Sheffield AGM (Annual General Meeting), in the autumn of 2016, which was followed immediately by an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting). At the EGM the interim board resigned and was replaced by the first substantive board, elected according to the Articles.

The Interim Board had six members, five of these members were nominated by a different sector and the sixth co-opted following a recruitment process. Darren Tidmarsh was the Chair of the Learn Sheffield Interim Board.

  • Mike Allen (Co-opted School Governor)
  • David Bowes (Secondary School sector)
  • Dean Linkhorn (Specialist School sector)
  • Councillor Geoff Smith (Sheffield City Council)
  • Paul Stockley (Primary School sector)
  • Darren Tidmarsh (Sheffield College)

Interim Board Meeting Papers

Documents relating to meetings prior to academic year 2015/16 are available on request from the Clerk to the Board via

13 October 2016

Please note that the final version of some papers considered at this meeting are available under the section ‘Learn Sheffield AGM/EGM 2016’. It should be noted also that the schedule of meetings for 2016/17 listed on the agenda are subject to change once the substantive Board of Directors has been appointed in November 2016.

Detailed minutes for the AGM
Final agenda 9 December
2016 Primary Achievement Update September 2016
Agenda item 6 Learn Sheffield - Articles - Summary of changes October 2016
LS Outcomes October 2016
Minutes of 20 July
Schools Forum Presentation [22.9.16]