Summer 2020 Opportunities

As we approach the final weeks of term and the summer holiday, the following opportunities are focused on some of the key areas that will inform planning for September and beyond. These opportunities have been designed, as much as possible, to enable colleagues to access training at the right time for them.

All of the opportunities are available to subscribing schools without any additional costs. Where there are additional costs for non-subscribing schools this is indicated below and available on request.

Research Led Sheffield

Memory, cognitive load and effective retrieval This session will explain what we know about the different components of our memory and how we can plan for and support children to overcome the limitations of working memory and maximise the use of the long-term memory for learning to ‘stick’.
Metacognition & Self-Regulation Metacognition and self-regulated learning is one of the most accessed strands of the EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit and on average has an impact of 7 months additional progress. To capitalise on the potential of developing these independent learning skills, teachers and leaders need to understand what they are and how to develop them across the school phases. This session will unpick the key recommendations from the EEF guidance report and teachers will be provided with some tools to start to support these key skills.
Unlocking the evidence: Improving early maths (early years and KS1)

There is strong evidence that outcomes in the very first stages of education have a significant impact on children's longer term outcomes. This sessions focuses on the recommendations from the Education Endowment Foundation's recent guidance report 'Improving Mathematics in the Early Years and Key Stage One'. It is suitable for leaders, managers and practitioners alike.

Unlocking the evidence: Effective Implementation in Schools

Implementation: the 'how' something is done is just as crucial as the 'what'. Using the EEF Guidance Report we consider the important steps we should take when planning, delivering and sustaining change in our settings.


Each session is a recorded presentation, including a voice over from the team at Huntington Research School.

Email to request access to the materials for each of these sessions. Please make clear which sessions you are requesting.

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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter:

An Introduction to Anti-Racism Education

FREE Webinar: 4.00-5.00pm on 9th July 2020
More information: BLM Anti Racism Education flyer
Presenter: Katie Bayley
Guest Speaker: Robbie McGrath


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Keeping it Strategic in Times of Challenge

Course Description

Balancing the operational and strategic aspects of the SENCO role.

Monday 13th July


SEND: What Works?

Course Description

Committing to and using evidence to support best practice in SEND.

Thursday 16th July


These two webinar sessions are offered at no cost to Learn Sheffield subscribers (available to non-subscribing schools – cost on request).

Email to book a place at either/both of these sessions.

Both sessions will be recorded and can also be accessed at no cost by Learn Sheffield subscribers. To access this package email to request login details and make clear if you are requesting one or both of the sessions.

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Pupil Premium

What do schools and academies need to consider about the widening disadvantage gap following the COVID-19 crisis?

This presentation comes with a voice over from Marc Rowland (Unity Schools Partnership). He will examine the evidence base and discuss both the long term strategies for supporting disadvantaged pupils and the shorter term response demanded by COVID. Marc will be available to respond to follow up questions from participants.

This session is offered at no cost to Learn Sheffield subscribers (available to non-subscribing schools – cost on request). To access this package email to request login details.

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Primary School Improvement Audit Tools

Self-audit tools (developed by the LSIP team):

  • School self-evaluation document audit
  • School Improvement or Development Plan document audit
  • Curriculum development audit

These audits are being used in the modified activity with LSIPs (both with senior and middle leaders) and will inform some of the LSIP work in the autumn – schools can access these now to use independently.

These packages are offered at no cost to Learn Sheffield subscribers (available to non-subscribing schools – cost on request). To access email making clear which content you wish to receive.

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Early Years

A three-day online, interactive and flexible conference for all of those working with children aged birth-7 years. You will have access to an exciting range of presentations by eminent speakers and leaders in their fields on the following themes:

DAY 1: An Early Years recovery curriculum
DAY 2: Meeting the needs of all children
DAY 3: Digital lessons learned


Download the flyer here and book Book Now

Writing your Early Years Self-Evaluation (SES) using the new inspection framework

This online support package is provided by our colleagues at ECM as part of their ‘Getting a job done’ series of resources to support school leaders. It is offered at no cost to Learn Sheffield subscribers (available to non-subscribing schools – cost on request).

To access this package email to request login details.


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An Introduction to the Sheffield Primary RSHE Draft Curriculum for Curriculum Leaders and Coordinators
Secondary Leaders Update Briefing

These two update briefings will provide an overview of the available RSHE curriculum content and the plans for the autumn term (including training opportunities) in each sector. The primary session is aimed at Coordinators as primary leaders have already had a briefing.

They are free to all Sheffield school leaders and will be emailed out before the end of term.

Follow up email support will be available.

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Summer 2020 Governance Briefing &
Sheffield Association of School Governing Bodies AGM

A pre-recorded presentation (including voice over) will be shared by Monday 13th July.

This will be followed on Thursday 16th July (6-8pm) by an online seminar to discuss the content.

Booking: Book Now

This content is free to all governors and trustees.

The pre-recorded presentation will be emailed out to all governors and trustees. To book a place at the seminar follow up session please book via the link above.

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