‘Leading Education’ Bulletin

The ‘Leading Education’ circular has been added to the Learn Sheffield subscription offer. This bulletin provides a summary of updates from the DfE, Ofsted and the education world more generally and will be shared half termly, with some additional editions when there is more content to share.

Many Sheffield schools have previously signed up to this bulletin (which is produced by former Sheffield senior leader John Bocking) directly but it will now become part of the subscription offer. If you are not a subscribing school but would like to access this bulletin, please contact us via enquiries@learnsheffield.co.uk

2021/22 Bulletins

Leading Education Bulletin - Spring 2 2022

Spring 2 Newsletter (April 2022) [DOWNLOAD]

Leading Education Bulletin - Spring 1 2022

Spring 1 Bulletin (February 2022) [DOWNLOAD]

Leading Education Circular - Autumn 2

Autumn 2 Bulletin (December 2021) [DOWNLOAD]

Leading Education Additional Bulletin - Autumn 1

Autumn 1 Additional Bulletin (October 2021)

A summary of the updated section 8 inspection handbook (released in September 2021)
Catch up, tutoring and recovery premium: a short summary

Leading Education Bulletin - Autumn 1 2021

Autumn 1 Bulletin (September 2021) [DOWNLOAD]

Inspection Leaflet for Schools
Guide to Section 5 Inspection (Sept 2021)
Summary Evaluations of Multi-Academy Trusts

Leading Education Bulletin - Autumn 1 2021 extra edition

Autumn 1 Bulletin (extra edition – August 2021) [DOWNLOAD]

Education Setting Status Form
Sub-Codes for Education Setting Status Form
Teachers Standards 2021
Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021
Teaching a Broad and Balanced Curriculum for Education Recovery