Funded Programmes 2021/22


Download the Sheffield Programmes amd Opportunities 2021/22 booklet.

This document contains information about the funded programmes that Sheffield schools and academies can apply to take part in during the coming year. They were confirmed at the start of the summer and colleagues have until Friday 10 September in the first instance to express an interest.

The available programmes are:

  • Curriculum Project (led by Mary Myatt)
  • Teaching WalkThrus (led by Tom Sherrington)
  • Making the Difference (led by Marc Rowland in conjunction with the EEF)
  • SEND Peer Networks (led by David Bartram in conjunction with Whole Education)
  • Embedding Formative Assessment (in conjunction with SSAT)
  • Sheffield CPD Excellence Hub (in conjunction with the TDT)

If you would like more information about the programmes then please contact