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The content for this page is provided by the Sheffield Early Years Team in partnership with Learn Sheffield. By using the buttons below, you can access key documents and links relating to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), including the EYFS Profile, the Sheffield Charter for Quality in Early Years, and free and traded service training offered through the Sheffield Early Years Team.

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EYFS Statutory Assessment

There are two statutory assessment points in the EYFS.

EYFS Profile
The statutory EYFS framework requires the EYFS Profile assessment to be carried out in the final term of the year in which a child reaches age 5. Teachers are supported throughout the year to be able to make consistent accurate assessments in line with national exemplification materials through statutory training, local moderation cluster groups, statutory moderation visits and statutory quality assurance processes. The key documentation is accessible below.

Progress Check at Age Two
Increasing numbers of schools now have provision for two-year-olds, and may be involved in conducting the statutory ‘progress check at age two’. Even if the school does not have provision for two year olds, all schools with EYFS need to be aware of and may refer to this statutory assessment.

The key documentation for both statutory assessments is accessible below. The documents relating to EYFS Profile and statutory moderation will be updated for 2018 as soon as they are available:

Sheffield Charter for Quality in the Early Years

A research based self-evaluation tool designed to support ongoing improvement in EYFS settings. So far there are more than 30 Sheffield schools accredited and on the register of good practice, and others are working towards accreditation. If you are interested in being accredited with the Sheffield Charter for Quality in Early Years and if you would like to access the Charter for Quality SEF, please contact EarlyYearsBusinessSupport@sheffield.gov.uk. Key documentation can be viewed below:


Key documents relating to EYFS curriculum, provision and practice can be found below. Subscribers to Sheffield’s FS Teaching & Learning Traded Service Package can access a comprehensive range of documents across a broad range of early years’ areas by accessing the Sheffield Early Years Forum.

CPD, Training & School Support

Sheffield ILS Early Years Team offers a Traded Service Package which offers the following:

  • EYFS Conference – one free place at the Early Years Conference
  • Access to Sheffield Early Years Forum (EYFS Communication & Information Centre located within Schoolpoint 365)
  • Termly EYFS Coordinator Briefings
  • Special Interest Groups (Community of Practice / Action research approach)
    • School Readiness
    • Environments for Creativity and Critical Thinking
    • Maths
  • Up to 4 days Bespoke CPD (may be taken as Focus Days, Half Days, Twilights and / in school support by a member of the Early Years Team). This year the focus of much of the training package is the development of Communication, Language and Literacy.

Schools not subscribed to the Traded Service package may also purchase and attend training, and buy in the services of the Early Years Team. For full details, see the Training Opportunities booklet.

There is also a range of Research based training programmes:

  • SAFE - Secure Attachment Focused Environments. A project led by Zoe Brownlie, Clinical Psychologist, Sheffield CAMHS. This established EYFS project is repeated termly and is now linked to the newly developed whole school ‘Healthy Minds’ project.
  • REAL - Raising Early Achievement in Literacy. A programme supporting parents to understand and be involved in their child’s literacy development that is delivered by National Children’s Bureau (NCB) and based on research carried out by University of Sheffield. Recruiting for training in Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018.
  • RSPI - Research Supporting Practice Improvement. A programme supporting EYFS practitioners to use research tools to improve children’s outcomes particularly in language and communication. Developed and delivered by APlus Education in conjunction with the Institute of Education, London and Oxford University. Training will be delivered over the course of the whole academic year.

These are free of charge for all schools. To register interest, please contact 0114 250 6852.

Key documentation:

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