Create Sheffield: Adventures in Cultural Education
(Sheffield’s Local Cultural Education Partnership)

Sheffield is one of the first wave of cities that are launching a Cultural Education Partnership (CEP). This is part of an initiative by Arts Council England and we are working with IVE (as the Arts Council Bridge Organisation in Yorkshire and the Humber), to develop sustainable partnership that can have a significant impact on the quality of cultural education and the life chances of young people in Sheffield. To find out more about how Create Sheffield has developed and what it seeks to do – download the booklet above or click on the buttons below.

Create Sheffield was launched at the Crucible Theatre on Friday 2 February 2018 – the post-conference pack is included below. More to follow shortly and you can also follow Create Sheffield on twitter (@CreateSheff) or facebook (@CreateSheffieldAdventures)!

What's happened so far? Launch Conference Vision & Mission Action Plan Governance & Funding Newsletters Documents

What’s happened so far?

The Sheffield Cultural Education Partnership has been developing since June 2016. We have spent time developing the partnership across a huge range of organisations, through a large number of one to one meetings, and a series of consultation workshops both with the arts and education sectors, and with young people.

At this early stage, support from IVE (the Arts Council England’s Bridge organisation in Yorkshire and the Humber) has been combined with extensive support from Learn Sheffield, who have included the development of cultural education in their Sheffield Priorities for education.

Throughout 2017, we ran seven simultaneous task and finish groups with more than 70 individuals involved, representing a vast range of organisations from across the city. We worked with colleagues from the voluntary & community sectors, schools, universities, creative digital, heritage, theatre, circus, music, libraries and museums amongst others.

Each task and finish group focused on a different area of work to develop the partnership: governance, communication, resources, research, finance, training and forward planning.

How has this approach been determined?
The partnership has been developed through extensive collaboration.
  • 420 hours of meetings and planning since June 2016
  • more than 70 organisations involved
  • 9 workshop events
  • 8 task & finish groups
  • well over 100 individuals have contributed to this work

Download the Create Sheffield brochure.

Sheffield CEP

Workshop Agenda - Tues 17 Jan 2017
Workshop (September 2016) Learn Sheffield presentation
Workshop (September 2016) Sophie Hunter presentation
Workshop (September 2016) Cape UK LCEP presentation

Launch Conference

The Create Sheffield launch conference was held on Friday 2nd February 2018 at the Crucible Theatre.

The post-conference pack is below:

  • PDF versions of presentations from Elaine Rees, Chris Husbands and Stephen Betts & the CLA Stats presentation
  • Quotes/provocations from young people – as requested by a number of delegates
  • Create Sheffield consultation document – we would love to hear your thoughts on the detail in this booklet by the end of April 2018, when the consultation period will end.
  • Key messages from the conference: a document to share with your colleagues
  • Attendees list: this has proved tricky to finalise as in a number of cases the name given at booking was different to the person who attended the conference. Please do send amends if we've got your details wrong
  • Evaluation form

Documents from SCEP conference.

Vision & Mission

Create Sheffield will use the city of Sheffield as a learning resource, allowing all children and young people from 0 to 24 to engage with arts, culture and heritage.

Create Sheffield Mission:

Create Sheffield will work strategically with all arts, culture, heritage and education partners to engage and include every child and young person at every learning stage and setting. It will shape opportunities for the city that support the development of creativity and innovation and the overcoming of barriers, so that every child and young person has the opportunity to benefit from our vision.

Create Sheffield Vision:

All children and young people in Sheffield (aged 0-24) will experience and participate in high quality art and culture.

This will improve their quality of life and support their educational and employment outcomes.

Create Sheffield Priorities:









We will be the key conduit for information, networking and professional development in relation to cultural education.

We will promote the work of all those involved in Create Sheffield and advocate for diversity and the value of cultural education. Create Sheffield will celebrate, challenge and tell the truth.

We will generate and use evidenced- based policy and strategy to identify and address gaps in cultural provision and measure the impact of interventions.

We will identify and shape projects which engage all children and young people. We will secure funding in partnership with Sheffield Culture Consortium and other partners.

Action Plan

Create Sheffield Proposed Actions (2018 & beyond):

Big Project Plans

Co-ordination Plans

System Culture Plans

Sheffield (80x18 style) learning resource

Dedicated Coordinator

Research Collective


Communications Strategy (including newsletter, etc.)

Professional Development Programme

City of Young Makers

Arts Award

Co-production Advisory Panel

Bid Writing & Project Development

Celebration & Sharing – including the return of an annual festival to showcase the learning of children and young people in Sheffield.

What is Create Sheffield proposing to do?

To organise, vocalise, enhance and understand.

Priority area


Sheffield (80x18 style) learning resource

Inspired, in part, by Bristol’s ‘80x18: 80 things to do in Bristol before you’re 18’ project ( we will create a list of experiences that every Sheffield child and young person could do before they are 5, 11, 14, 18 and 25. This list will be the platform for the development of learning resources, opportunities and fun for every Sheffield young person and their family.

City of Young Makers; Make, Create, Innovate

Sheffield has always been a city of makers – from advanced manufacturing, specialist steels and forged products to award winning theatre, international art and design, games manufacture and ground breaking research. Following on from the 2016 Year of Making we will focus on the future and the development of the young makers of the city.


Artsmark ( has been revised by Arts Council England. It is the creative quality standard for schools and we will seek to support Sheffield schools to use the Artsmark Journey as a tool for school improvement.

Arts Award

Arts Award ( is designed to inspire young people to grow their arts and leadership talents. It can be achieved at five levels, from ‘discover’ and ‘explore’ through to ‘bronze’, ‘silver’ and ‘gold’. We will support the development of Arts Award in Sheffield and seek to make it accessible to every young person in the city.

Dedicated Coordinator

We will appoint a dedicated coordinator to provide the capacity that is required for the Sheffield Cultural Education Partnership to have the impact required.

Communications Strategy

Our communication strategy will make information available via a wide range of platforms (website, social media, e-mail, newsletters, etc.) so that everyone who wishes to be involved has the opportunity to stay connected to the network.

Co-production Advisory Panel

We will establish a panel of experts from across our networks to make specialist knowledge and understanding and support accessible to everyone in the partnership.

This Advisory Panel will endeavour to promote the principles of partnership and co-production in order to produce the highest quality outcomes.

Research Collective

The Research Collective will build on the research task and finish group, which met during 2017. It will be a group open to anyone who has an interest in the field and currently includes colleagues from both Sheffield universities, other universities from around the country and colleagues from schools and cultural institutions. It will seek to ensure that our work is research-informed and we can always learn from our outcomes.

CPD Programme

A professional development programme, to support the work of all those involved in the partnership, will be organised and made available to members. We will also seek to share professional development opportunities offered by others via our communications.

Project Development

We will ensure that our core capacity includes the facility to write bids and seek to draw funding into the city. Our action plans will provide content that can be used to develop bids, with our big projects designed to develop year-on-year with opportunities for acceleration when additional funding is identified.

Annual CYP Festival

A festival will provide the children and young people of the city with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of inspiring learning opportunities inside and outside school hours. We will work with Sheffield Children’s University and other partners from across the Sheffield Cultural Education Partnership to grow an annual festival that provides a focus for celebration and sharing.

Governance & Funding

Governance and structure

Sheffield Culture Consortium and Create Sheffield will have a reciprocal governance arrangement to ensure that each participates in the strategic development of the other. Create Sheffield will develop a strategic partnership capable of leading the development of cultural education in Sheffield.

Create Sheffield Partnership Board will be formed from core funders and representatives of key networks and Partnership Groups. It will be responsible for governance, strategic overview, finance, any staff, projects & communications. The Create Sheffield Steering Group will be a smaller group of partnership board members. They will provide day-to-day leadership of the project.

Create Sheffield Partnership Groups will be organisations or networks in the city (which may include, for example, SNAP, CYP Partnership Group, Joined Up Heritage, Creative Guild, etc.) who sign up to partnership, and want to play an active part in Create Sheffield. Individuals will have to be part of a network group to participate. Working Groups will be led by members of the Partnership Board. Working Groups, which will have membership from across Create Sheffield (and beyond when appropriate), will focus on specific themes.

Create Sheffield Governence and Structure


Create Sheffield will be core funded through membership fees. Core members will be Arts Council England funded organisations who sit on the Steering Group. Other organisations will be encouraged to contribute to Create Sheffield by paying small annual membership fees. These fees will provide the on-going financial platform to ensure that Create Sheffield can operate successfully, and secure grant funding through bids and other sources to provide the funding for developmental projects.

Bronze member

£125 pa

For example an infant, junior, primary or special school or an organisation with a turnover below £250k

Silver member

£175 pa

For example a secondary school or college or an organisation with a turnover between £250-750k

Gold member

£250-1000 pa

For example an organisation with a turnover above £750k

Platinum member

£1000-£5000 pa

For example an organisation with a turnover above £750k with an automatic membership of the Partnership Board

Core member

£5000 pa or more

For example an organisation with a turnover above £750k with an automatic membership of the Steering group

Create Sheffield Funding

Core funding

Create Sheffield is seeking to raise £37k per annum in core funding to enable the partnership to continue to develop and thrive. This money will ensure Create Sheffield has a co-ordinator, bid-writing capacity, admin support, basic office space, a small budget to support the delivery of projects, a website, marketing and a communication strategy.

Larger funders (Platinum and Core) of Create Sheffield will often make a mixed contribution, combining cash funding with other resources. This may, for example, include commitments to staff time or building spaces.

Grant funding

Create Sheffield core funding will enable it to have a Coordinator and bid writing capacity. This will enable Create Sheffield to bid, in collaboration with others from within and beyond the partnership, for funding to take forward key projects.


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General Reading

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The Arts Dividend: Why Investment in Culture Pays - Darren Henley.
Education Committee Conference - Key Note Speech by Professor Mary Beard.
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