Eat Smart Sheffield

Eat Smart Sheffield


Learn Sheffield has been commissioned by Sheffield City Council to develop and deliver a Whole School & Settings Approach to Food and Nutrition Programme. Named ‘Eat Smart Sheffield’, this 5-year programme will focus on encouraging and supporting pupils, their families and the wider community to adopt healthier eating behaviours.

The programme will work with all primary and secondary schools, as well as some additional settings including Special Schools and Pupil Referral Units, and has two main aims:

  1. To give schools the tools they need to make long term changes to their food culture and their curriculum to support healthy behaviours
  2. To give pupils and their families the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to cook, grow and enjoy good quality affordable food, as well as increasing understanding of food sources and sustainability

The programme will ultimately contribute to reducing both childhood obesity and child tooth decay in the 20% most deprived areas of the city.

As part of the programme, all schools can expect a vast array of resources, support and guidance including:
  • Access to a variety of Food for Life resources including evaluation tools, training and awards
  • Links to relevant local and national food organisations and healthy eating campaigns
  • Data dashboard with national, city-wide and local area public health data
  • Ability to share learning and best practice with other schools

In addition to the universal offer, each year a small number of targeted schools will receive a more intensive support package. Such schools will receive a minimum of one year’s support, and can expect a higher level of intervention including:

  • Help to set up and facilitate a ‘School Nutrition Action Group’ (or similar) with bespoke School Action Plan
  • Additional data collection and analysis resulting in informed support
  • Set up support for Gardening and/or Cooking Clubs
  • Food for Life priority training

Programme Governance

Commissioner: Jess Wilson, Health Improvement Principal, Sheffield City Council

Programme Manager: Lisa Aldwinckle, Programme Manager - Eat Smart Sheffield, Learn Sheffield

Project Advisory Group (Programme Board):

Andy Wynne – Operations Director, Learn Sheffield
Lisa Aldwinckle – Programme Manager - Eat Smart Sheffield, Learn Sheffield
Stephen Betts – CEO, Learn Sheffield
Jess Wilson – Health Improvement Principal, Sheffield City Council
Debbie Hanson – Health Improvement Principal, Sheffield City Council
Delya Lane – NCMP & Nutrition Lead, Sheffield Children’s NHS, Foundation Trust
Leah Barratt – School Food Service Manager, Sheffield City Council
Kate Wilkinson – Data Analyst, Sheffield City Council
Rachel Rundle – Senior Lecturer, Public Health Nutrition, Sheffield Hallam University
Laura Whitfield – Health Services Manager, Zest
Chloe Smee – Commission Development Lead, Food for Life