School Governance Improvement Service

The quality of school governance has never been as important as it is now. Having an excellent governing board can make the difference between a school or academy being judged ‘outstanding’ or not by Ofsted. It can also have a profound impact upon the outcomes of children attending school. Sheffield has high ambitions for its schools and their governance and Learn Sheffield’s School Governance Improvement Service (SGIS) has a key role to play in delivering those ambitions.

Core Support and Advice Service


Ensures that your governing board or trust board has access to the latest information about good governance and what is expected of them. We provide a responsive service including a telephone helpline and email support. We can also offer support using a range of video conferencing platforms where this is required.

Please also note that governor training is included in the Learn Sheffield Subscription Offer.


Examples of support and advice offered include:

  • Support with governor and chair recruitment – Learn Sheffield brokers recruitment and we work with national partners, Inspiring Governance, to provide a joined up local service
  • Advice helpline for governors – by phone, email, face to face or video call
  • Termly Sheffield Governor Newsletter and regular email communications
  • Annual School Business Planner
  • Advice and guidance on legal and policy requirements and statutory governance regulations
  • Support and resources for governing board self-evaluation and improvement and new governor recruitment
  • Help and advice on how to handle complaints and provide conflict resolution
  • A central point of sharing valuable best practice advice between governing bodies and schools
  • Access to online resources
  • Access to a range of documents and guidance, including model policies, audit tools, briefing notes
  • Help and advice on wanting to change the status of your school
  • Support to governors and Headteachers to implement changes driven by the DfE, ESFA and/or Ofsted
  • Advice and guidance on governing board and committee structures – appropriate to the individual school
  • Reconstitution advice
  • Access to Governor Hub

Full Support Service


Ensures that your governing board and governors have access to the latest information and advice about good governance and what is expected of them. Also ensures that the business of the governing board and committees is carried out efficiently and effectively, thereby demonstrating that the board is fulfilling its core functions. Where appropriate, provides specialist advice and support to enable governing boards to make sound decisions in relation to changing any aspect of school governance, including engaging an executive headteacher, merging or collaborating with other schools.


All the advice and support a school needs in order to have an efficient and effective governing board including: a well-trained and dedicated clerk (many of whom are nationally trained and accredited) who is able to provide information and advice and to ensure that the business of the board is properly conducted; assistance, advice and support to recruit suitably skilled governors when required; advice, guidance and support on improving and strengthening partnership governance structures, implementing relevant changes driven by DfE and/or Ofsted relating to school business, including important changes to legislation, regulations, policies and guidance. SGIS brokers dedicated support, advice and expertise from HR, legal, finance, etc. services when required.

Service Electronic Paper
Support and Advice Service £850 N/A

Full Support Service including Clerking

  • Includes the support and advice service plus 6 hours’ worth of clerking support per year – clerking services supplied over and above this limit are charged at £50 per hour, pro-rata to the length of the meeting. This covers meetings such as extra Full Governing Board meetings, regular committee meetings etc.
  • Extraordinary meetings such as permanent exclusion meetings, disciplinary meetings, complaints, appeals etc. will be charged at £75 per hour pro-rata. For services not listed please contact us.
  • Additional charges of this type will normally be charged at the end of the academic year.
£1,595 £2,070


Charges for bespoke services that fall outside of the service levels outlined above:

  • Additional clerking charges £50 per hour pro-rata (for anything above 6 hours clerking)
  • Clerking charges for exclusions, disciplinary meetings, appeals etc. charged at £75 per hour pro-rata
  • We reserve the right to charge for one hour (£50) for meetings cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice


Working with our partners, we can offer the following additional services:

Governor Hub

We can offer schools Governor Hub full subscription for £200. For MAT packages please contact the service.

Governor Hub and The Key for School Governors

We can offer schools the following add-on packages which include a school instance of Governor Hub:

  • GovernorHub Full Subscription (i.e. a dedicated governor hub area for the school, including Document Store, Calendar, etc.): £100 per school per year
  • GovernorHub Full Subscription + Key for School Governors : £450 per school per year
  • The regular price (exc. VAT) for The Key alone is between £350 and £705, so this combined offer represents a significant saving

The School Bus (Hub4leaders)

Size of school (pupil numbers) 2020/21 price
0 - 100 £370
101 - 200 £420
201 - 400 £470
401 - 600 £525
601 - 900 £580
901 - 1500 £780
1501 - 2000 £895


Depending on the number of schools subscribing to the SchoolBus, we expect to be able to provide discounts. If you wish to participate in a bulk subscription, please indicate this on your subscription form.

NGA Standard membership

We offer membership of the NGA, at a discounted cost of £90 per governing board. This gives you:

  • Copies of NGA’s Governing Matters magazine sent to the home of 3 governors and a copy to the school
  • A weekly e-newsletter featuring the latest education news and policy updates
  • Full access to members’ only content in NGA’s online Knowledge Centre containing a wealth of governance resources
  • NGA guides available at a discounted rate
  • A free place at NGA member conferences and events which draw high-profile speakers

To contact the team

About the team

The members of the governance improvement service team are:

  • Andy Wynne – Learn Sheffield Operations Director and Head of Governance Improvement Service
  • Andrew Bingham – Senior Governance Officer
  • Jane Smith – Governance Officer