Inclusion Taskforce

The Inclusion Taskforce is the key strategic partnership group which reports to the Inclusion Programme Board. The taskforce is a cross sector , school-led group whose members include school leaders, SEND lead practitioners and Local Authority officers, including the SEN Assessment Team. It has representation from all localities within the city.

The objective of the Inclusion Taskforce is to lead the development of consistent and high quality inclusive practice across the city. The remit of the taskforce includes the development of:

  • Moderation - ensuring consistency in Sheffield Support Grid judgements and provision for children and young people with SEND.
  • Training - enabling and empowering the education workforce to deliver high quality inclusive provision.
  • Review - developing the tools to evaluate school practice in relation to SEND/Inclusion in order to facilitate support and challenge.
  • Data - developing the evidence base to inform and support school improvement.

The Inclusion Taskforce will make a core training offer to the city which is currently being finalised and is likely to be free to all schools. The professional development opportunities will include the content below. They will be available on the Learn Sheffield website next month.

If you have questions about SEND/Inclusion please contact those leading within your locality, for example the Strategic Lead Headteacher or the Locality SENCO(s). For more information about the Inclusion Taskforce contact Ian Read (Headteacher, Watercliffe Meadow Primary School) using

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Guidance for Professionals

Sheffield Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Support Grid - Early Years
Sheffield Support Grid Guidance Update: July 2016
SEND Health - Template for EHCP report (therapist) v1.0
SEND Code of Practice - January 2015
Sheffield Support Grid - April 2016
My Plan (April 2016)
MyPlan Guidance Notes
Using the Early Years Sheffield Support Grid
My Plan BASIC version

Inclusion Taskforce

Message sent on behalf of Inclusion Task Force Nov2016
1. Using the Sheffield Support Grid Guidance November 2016
2. Citywide Moderation Processes
3. SSG Timeline of actions (Rebecca Mason)
4. SSG HT SEND Declaration
5. SSG Locality Moderation Feedback
6. Citywide Moderation proposed key questions
7. A's timetable
7.B timetable

Inclusion Programme Board

The Inclusion Programme Board was created to ensure that the Inclusion Programme transformation is successfully delivered. The board is designed to provide an expert, advisory and overseeing role for the programme. It should support and challenge the Inclusion Programme Team, and be able to remove strategic barriers to implementation.

It consists of strategic directors from Sheffield City Council, the lead Cabinet member for Children, Young People and Families, strategic leads for the CCG and Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Healthwatch, Sheffield schools, Learn Sheffield and the Inclusion Programme Team.


The Inclusion Taskforce is a cross-sector school-led partnership group. The objective of the taskforce is to lead the development of consistent and high quality inclusive practice across the city. The remit of the taskforce includes the development of moderation, training, review and data.

Inclusion Board Terms of Reference


Inclusion and Locality Working Bulletin: Issue 7: March

ILW 7 - CoP Principles
ILW 7 - Neighbourhood Lead Contacts


Inclusion and Locality Working Bulletin: Issue 6: February

ILW 6 - CoP Writing Outcomes
ILW 6 - CYPF Suicide Prevention Launch Invitation
ILW 6 - SYEDA - Work in Schools
ILW 6 - TAMHS Toolkit
ILW 6 - The ‘new’ service offer from Educational Psychology


Inclusion and Locality Working Bulletin: Issue 5: December

ILW 5 - CoP Local Offer
ILW 5 - Early Years and Community Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Service


Inclusion and Locality Working Bulletin: Issue 4: October

ILW 4 - Area SENCO My Plan Session
ILW 4 - Contributing to ‘good’ reports, My Plans, PEPs and EHC Plans
ILW 4 - Conversations that can lead to ‘good outcomes’
ILW 4 - CoP Early Years
ILW 4 - Inclusion Task Force
ILW 4 - New Ways of Working - update


Inclusion and Locality Working Bulletin: Issue 3: September

ILW 3 - CoP SEN Support
ILW 3 - CYP Place of Safety Capital Funding
ILW 3 - Dates & Venues near to Y&H region
ILW 3 - Mental Health and Young People - Training Prospectus 2016-17
ILW 3 - Train the Trainer
Lovely Free Stuff From CWMT


Inclusion and Locality Working Bulletin: Issue 2: July

ILW 2 - Virtual School
ILW 2 - EHC Plan - Report Template
ILW 2 - Guidance on Completing the Health Sections of the EHC Plan
ILW 2 - Increased Capacity in the Educational Psychology Service
ILW 2 - My opinions to help inclusion (PowerPoint)
ILW 2 - SEND Code of Practice Part 2 - Preparation for Adulthood
ILW 2 - The CQC Ofsted Local Area Inspection
ILW 2 - The Development of our Inclusion Priorities


Inclusion and Locality Working Bulletin: Issue 1: June

Issue 1
ILW 1 - CoP
ILW 1 - Health EHCP SPA
ILW 1 - Inclusion Strategy Vision Discussion Paper
ILW 1 - Locality Article
ILW 1 - Sheffield Support Grid Article
Schools Forum Slides

Sheffield Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service Offer, August 2016
Locality Group Consultation - Information for Heads and SENCOs
Model of Service Delivery - Primary, flowchart, August 2016
Model of Service Delivery - Secondary, flowchart, August 2016
School 'drop-in' consultations protocol

Vision Support Service

We are an educational support service for visually impaired children and young people from 0 - 25. Our team of specialist staff works to ensure the best outcomes for children and young people with a vision impairment. We provide ongoing support to children and families to ensure each young person develops the skills they need to become independent adults. We aim to ensure advice, training and support is given to educational settings to ensure that children and young people are fully included in all aspects of the curriculum. To see the Service local offer go to the following link.


SEND Conference 2018 - Day 2

SEND Conference Day Two (SENCOs)

Wednesday 24th October 2018

SEND Conference 2018 - Day 1

SEND Conference Day One (Leaders)

Tuesday 23rd October 2018

SEND Conference

School SEND Conference

Friday 17th November 2017


The Inclusion Taskforce is developing a core training offer which will be free to Sheffield professionals. It will include the following:

Inclusion Training


Name Service/Organisation
Alice WoodsNHS – Speech and Language
Charlotte Newton-WallEmmanuel Junior Academy
Chris HowlettWybourn Community Primary School
Dean LinkhornMossbrook School
Dougal PartingtonFir Vale School
Emma StevensonSt Catherine’s RC Primary School
Fiona RigbySt Catherine’s RC Primary School
Giselle RodrigoCoit Primary School
Hannah ThornleyWybourn Community Primary School
Ian ReadWatercliffe Meadow Primary School
Jane TownsendStocksbridge NI School
Jeremy HammSheffield City Council
Jess StevensonNewfield School
Joanne EagletonEcclesfield Primary School
Judith SmithTalbot School
Lesley BowesMERCIA
Lynnette GlossopDore Primary School
Nicola ShearstoneSheffield City Council
Nicola ShipmanSteel City Schools Partnership
Rebecca MasonSheffield City Council
Sally TwiggNHS
Stephen BettsLearn Sheffield
Stuart WilliamsSheffield City Council
Timothy ArmstrongSheffield City Council
Will SmithMundella Primary School
Zoe WilsonLocality D