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Subject Networks Governance Training Carer's Week It's Not OK Mums in Need Apprentice Levy Prevent Training RSC Presentation (July 2016) Move More Learn Sheffield Communications (2015/16) School Calendar Consultation (Summer 2016) Assessment Workshops (Autumn 2015) Suicide Prevention Membership Documents Prospectus

Subject Networks

Subject Specific Network Meetings Summer Term 2017
Subject Specific Network Meetings Spring Term 2017
Subject Specific Networks Booklet Autumn Term 2016

Governance Training

The Learn Sheffield Governance Training & Development Offer for the 2017/2018 school year has been developed further by using the feedback from last year and we are confident that it offers excellent value for money and a comprehensive offer to all schools and academies.

Governance Training 2016/17

Carer's Week

Carers week lesson plan plus all handouts
Peer mentoring training resource 1 - Children's Society
Peer mentors - Information for young carers in Sheffield
SYC - Carers Week - sample assembly for schools
SYC Slide for electronic screens - Carers Week

It's Not OK

Campaign offer for primary schools

Mums in Need

Mums in Need Event - Agenda 11th April 2018
Mums in Need Flyer Oct 17
Mums in Need Volunteer Oct 17

Apprentice Levy

Levy Briefing - Apprenticeships for Schools

Prevent Training

Prevent Training Autumn 2018
Prevent update for schools
Prevent Letter to Schools from Jayne Ludlam with Annex (13.04.16)
Schools Prevent Sessions Winter 2015-16 (29.01.16)
Prevent Training for Sheffield Schools (21.10.15)

RSC Presentation (July 2016)

RSC Presentation (05-07-16)
Update Letter re Academisation (18.05.16)
Academisation Think Piece (15.04.16)

Move More

Move It Day - Pledge
Move It Day - Teacher Resources
Move It Day 2017

Learn Sheffield Communications (2015/16)

Autumn 2016

Learn Sheffield Primary Opportunities Sept 2016
Levy Briefing - Apprenticeships for Schools
Passport Information Flier 2016

Summer 2016

Sheffield Assessment Conference
Letter from the Board - re CEO Appointment & AGM/EGM (06.06.16)
Update Letter re Academisation (18.05.16)
Academisation Think Piece (15.04.16)
Learn Sheffield Letter re Academisation National Agenda (15.04.16)

Spring 2016

Learn Sheffield communication with staff and governors (18.03.16)
Letter from the Interim Board (03.02.16)

Autumn 2015

Learn Sheffield Half Term Letter (23.10.15)
Learn Sheffield Briefing presentation (Sept/Oct 2015)
Introductory letter from the interim leadership (10.09.15)
Letter introducing Learn Sheffield Improvement Partners (09.09.15)
Introductory Announcement from Interim Board (04.09.15)

School Calendar Consultation (Summer 2016)

Calendar consultation 2017-18
School Calendar Consultation Document
Option 1 - Standard
Option 2

Assessment Workshops (Autumn 2015)

Assessment Workshops (Autumn 2015)

Dec 1st Assessment Policy writing [Dec 2015]
Assessment Policy - completed and anonymised [Dec 2015]
Principles and Aims example [Dec 2015]
Assessment Policy - Guide [Dec 2015]

Assessment Update/FAQs (October 2015)

Assessment Information - Appendix 1 - (23.10.15)
Assessment Information - Appendix 2 - (23.10.15)
Assessment Information - Appendix 3 - (23.10.15)
Assessment Information - FAQ - (23.10.15)

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Pathway (Final Version)
Suicide Prevention Postcard
Suicide Prevention Poster

Membership Documents

Pack for Governors

The following pack of materials is designed to support Governors in making the decision about joining Learn Sheffield.

Governor Briefing Note [Sep 2015]
Learn Sheffield Prospectus
Interim Operating Model [Autumn 2015]
Interim Business Plan (Autumn 2015)
Articles of Association
PDF Slides (to support Governing Body discussions)
PowerPoint Slides (to support Governing Body discussions)
Membership Application Form

Download the Application for Membership (Word Version).


Learn Sheffield Prospectus - September 2016