What is Learn Sheffield?

Learn Sheffield is a school-led company which is focussed on school improvement. Our purpose is to nurture effective partnerships within an ambitious and effective culture so that, in Sheffield, all of our young people learn with great teachers, in great settings, which are constantly improving.

We are a not for profit company limited by guarantee, of which 80% is owned by schools and colleges and 20% by Sheffield City Council. Learn Sheffield does not distinguish between different types of setting, it is there to support any publicly funded school or college working with Sheffield’s children and young people.

We provide an innovative approach to delivering school improvement services and also deliver some statutory duties on behalf of Sheffield City Council. Learn Sheffield aims to strengthen city-wide partnership work, both within sectors and between them.

Learn Sheffield offers every Sheffield school and college the chance to purchase services from a company that they own, which will reinvest any surplus generated to support further improvement. We aspire to be the company of choice to support Sheffield schools and colleges in ensuring that every child and young person has access to a great education, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.

What is the vision of Learn Sheffield?

Vision Word WheelOur children and young people have a growth mind-set and experience a high quality education delivered by a dynamic and collaborative community of education professionals.

Our education professionals are highly skilled, nurturing, continually developing and motivated to create inspiring learning opportunities throughout the schools and colleges of Sheffield.

Our schools and colleges are committed to working in partnership, focussed on the achievement of their children and young people and work closely with their families and communities.

Our familes and communities are cohesive, positive about learning and aspirational for their children and young people.

We believe in supporting each other in having the courage and confidence to make a difference and shape a better future, through inspiration, integrity, equality, sustainability, accountability and optimism.

How can I become a member of Learn Sheffield?

Any publically funded school or college can become a member of Learn Sheffield. The decision to become a member must be taken by the Governing Body or Academy Trust and this involves providing a guarantee up to the limit of £25. More information about Learn Sheffield and membership can be found on the website.

What are the priorities of Learn Sheffield?

Vision Word WheelLearn Sheffield exists to support and challenge schools and colleges to improve. Our goal is to ensure that Sheffield children receive the best education in the country, so that our young people’s achievement and readiness enables them to be active citizens of a world class city. Learn Sheffield worked with the National Education Trust to explore the barriers to improvement and develop the Sheffield Priorities.

The key themes in Learn Sheffield’s priorities are below. You can find more about them, including the specific priorities and the strategies that have been developed to tackle these challenges, on our website.

  • System Culture – an outward facing and research-led education system
  • School Improvement – partnerships which deliver improvement
  • Workforce – recruiting, developing and retaining high quality people
  • Inclusion – overcoming barriers to learning for vulnerable learners
  • Readiness – ensuring young people are ready for learning and life
  • Enrichment – entitlement to rich learning experiences.

How will Learn Sheffield help you?

Learn Sheffield will provide a growing range of services, all of which are designed to support the improvement of Sheffield’s schools and colleges. Some services will do this by being focussed directly on school improvement, teaching and learning. Others will support leaders to optimise their time and resources to focus on learning.

Learn Sheffield supports by:

  • providing constructive challenge
  • always being focussed on improvement and the outcomes of children and young people
  • recognising that all settings have both strengths to share and areas to develop further
  • working strategically to increase and develop the capacity within our school-led system
  • reinvesting the surplus we generate in research, development and better services
  • understanding that we can all achieve more for our young people and their families when we work in partnership